April Show(er)s

Throughout the month of April, Slide Space 123 showcased projects proposed and organized by students all across Mills College. This first step into showing student work is an exciting experiment and sneak peak into what the future of Slide Space 123 will look like. These four shows created by both undergraduate and graduate students together ecompase technology, performance, video, sound, painting and more.


ONX Presents: Copper

Jared Guendl

Performance/reading and screenings of ONX Magazine's Copper, with a panel discussion. 

April 25-28

Still from  1310 , a single channel video

Still from 1310, a single channel video


Charity B Ellis

A two day Intermedia Arts Thesis Show featuring works of Text, Animation, Audio, Video and Performance.

Performative readings both days at 1pm.

Saturday’s reading will be followed by an electronic music performance

April 21-22
Fri: 9-5, Sat: 11-4



Dylan Burchett, Greg Kappes, Kim Nucci, Kevin Schwenkler, Adam Sohn, Chris Wood

A presentation of multimedia installation works by graduate students in Les Stuck's OpenGL Seminar.

April 11-15
Opening Reception Wednesday evening
Tues, Thurs: 11-5, Weds: 5-9, Fri: 1-5


Works by Nicole Rose

An interdisciplinary show that explores the commonalities between painting and ballet.

April 3-7
Mon-Fri: 9-5