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Collaborative Combative Drawing Workshop

As part of Resistance Training currently on view at Slide Space 123, the Collaborative Combative Drawing Workshop expands on Melissa Wyman's piece "Negotiation Table."

One large piece of paper, one central goal, two artists, power ideas at the ready, drawing tools cocked and loaded, and the understanding that collaboration is messy… Whether negotiating personal or professional relationships or simply coexisting, everyone comes to the table with their own ideas. Sometimes those ideas fuse, sometimes they clash; often they do both. The harmonious side of human nature seeks a common ground, knowing there will disputed objectives before a new perspective can be adopted. Collaborative Combative Drawing utilizes the energy created by the inherent pushing and pulling in human relationships as a method of (art) production.

Artist and Self-Defense instructor Melissa Wyman invites participants to explore both the cooperative and combative sides of their fields by going head to head in the creation of large-scale works on paper. Participants must push, pull, escape or outwit each other in order to complete a single drawing or representation of their personal power statement, symbol or design. Melissa will coach participants in effective and relevant martial art/self-defense techniques for outmaneuvering the other participants and getting their drawing down on paper. The process will be frustrating yet exhilarating, and result in surprisingly dynamic, collaborative works.

For more information, visit

Aron Art Center Room 114B
Mills College
5000 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA

Free and open to the public