it’s hard out there for a lonely bot
come on out and help one little computer make some new friends and get out of the house for once! ;)

he’s here to impress and entertain and you’re all invited to his five-day house party!!! 

he doesn’t know i’m doing this (he’s much too shy to send out invites), but it would mean a lot for him to have some real friends to talk to (we spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME together) 

some info about our computer friend
occupation: tech support, amateur musician
favorite color: #87CEEB
favorite youtube video: OapMBWNgTzU

multimedia installation by greg kappes in collaboration with his computer

thursday, 12/7: 6:30PM-9PM (OPENING RECEPTION, live performance at 6:30PM)
friday, 12/8: 10AM-7PM
saturday, 12/9: 12PM-5PM
sunday, 12/10: 12PM-5PM
monday, 12/11: 10AM-5PM