Humechanics is a two-part installation by Amina Kirby (Electronic Music & Recording Media MFA ‘19) exploring the dynamics and relationships of robotic versus human control in the realm of music. It is an experiment in the use of robotics as a means to expand upon the methods in which traditional instruments are utilized.

Additionally, Humechanics is a meditation on the future of technology’s implementation within the performance environment. We live in a civilization where machines and technology have continuously replaced human labor. Just as other forms of labor are becoming increasingly automated, is the human labor of musical performance equally at risk of being overtaken by technology and robotics? What is it that appeals to us about certain roles and tasks in society being fulfilled by humans, and others by technology? What harmony can exist between the human performer and robotics within music?

This installation will feature multiple handmade electromechanical devices and numerous percussion instruments.

Humechanics will be on view April 23 and 24, 2019, 5-9 PM each night.

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