Project Fear

being alone_1.png

Fears reside in the unknown and unspoken, the most powerful nestled in the depths of our subconscious minds and biological instincts. Held in secrecy, these silent voices steer much of our decision-making as individuals and as communities. Fears are often cast in a negative light, yet they also play a vital role in keeping us safe, engaged, and connected; indeed, the ability to recognize others’ fear is key to our capacity for empathy and drive to nurture. 

This project by Genevieve Busby (MFA ‘20) invites us engage with our fears and those of others in a ritual-like setting within the gallery space. As they are recorded and shared, the cumulative fears appear in two spheres that gradually oscillate between lightness and darkness in an open-ended reflection on the contiguous relationship between individual and collective fear

June 13, 2019

Reception: 7-9 PM