Society of Marks


An expanded notion of mark-making runs throughout the works in this exhibition, recurring as a common interest and motivator for both artists. Through their parallel practices, Amy Nathan and Sally Scopa investigate the various potentials of the drawn or painted mark. In some pieces, marks exit pictorial space and assume sculptural heft; in others, they remain two-dimensional, impersonating or participating in language. Still other works explore how painted marks and surfaces influence perception, guiding the body through the built environment.


Amy Nathan’s painted, faceted sculptures complicate and play with an internal/external push-and-pull. Strategies of repetition, mirroring, and camouflage are planted into objects that become something like displays of rhetorical devices. Her work incorporates visual puns and physical onomatopoeias: line becomes edge becomes surface, traversing a borderline of two and three dimensions as a way to think through perception.


In Sally Scopa’s works, sculptural and painterly processes combine to produce a sense of space. However, the sculptural elements of the work produce painterly effects, while the painterly moves are intentionally sculptural. Inverting modes of representation associated with painting and sculpture not only blurs the separation between two media, but also seeks to challenge traditional divides between ornament and underlying form, surface and space, art and architecture.


March 12 - 23, 2018

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